When you own a vacation rental a goal is always to ensure that the property you are “selling” meets the needs and, more importantly, the expectations of the guests.  If you undersell the property you risk turning people away, since they don’t get the feeling that the place is that good.  If you oversell the property guests arrive expecting the moon and the stars and instead feel disappointed and “sold a bill of goods”.

So how does an owner know they have the right balance?  Guest reviews.

The best publicity for the Villa, aside from the website, are the “real life” experiences of the people who have rented the place.  Sure, as owners, we think Villa Encantada is phenomenal.  Heck, that’s why we bought it.  When paying guests have such a positive experience, however, and feel compelled to share that experience with potential future renters is when our efforts are rewarded.

So if you’re reading this and considering renting our Enchanted Villa, check out what prior guests have to say.  19 people can’t be wrong!