The “rainy season” is a period in late summer early fall when Costa Rica experiences a great deal of rain.  In actuality the Tico’s call this the “green season” since during this time areas that are normally arid the rest of the year become lush and verdant.  Our second visit to Villa Encantada was during this time and all we can tell you is we LOVED it!

“Does it rain all day?”  No.  MuchIonian Thunderstorm like other tropical areas the rain on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica arrives in the late afternoon or early evening, after a glorious sunny day, and usually falls for about an hour or slightly more.  But when it rains, it rains!  The storms are usually pretty intense but don’t last long and before you know it the rain has stopped and the storm has moved out to sea.


If you’re lucky enough to be outside you’ll be treated to one of Mother Nature’s best light shows as the storms light up the sky – really beautiful.

This time of year is also a slower period for Playa Langosta, Tamarindo, and nearby towns.  Vacation rental rates are typically at their lowest.  Most restaurants have open availability, shops are eager for business and local activities are readily available.

So don’t be put off when you hear it’s the “rainy season” but instead take the opportunity to see Costa Rica at its greenest!