So we often get asked what it’s like to spend a week in Costa Rica.  Well for the next 9 days we’re going to post our comings and goings, finding new places to shop, eat and explore.  Come along as we share our slice of paradise.

Day 1: Travel from JFK.  Jet Blue #1691 was delayed due to rain and a missing flight crew.  After an hour we finally boarded.  If you take this flight, or any others, invest in the “extra legroom” upgrade – for the 5 hour flight it is so worth it.

We arrived just around 3:00 local time.  After securing our rental car from Adobe we got to the Villa around 4:15 (got behind some slow drivers!).  We did make a stop at RPM Services, our property management company to pick up some fresh fish we ordered the day before.  Fresh tuna and sea bass tastes better in Costa Rica!

Once we dropped off our bags we headed off to Auto Mercado for our first grocery shop of the trip.  This. Trip tends to be the biggest as we are stocking up on the basics.  Auto Mercado is just like a grocery store we have at home.  They accept all credit cards and US$.

Back to the Villa to unpack everything. On the ride home we decided to have our first dinner out. There is a place in Tamarindo I had been wanting to try called Wok N Roll. Ignoring the kitschy name we went for dinner around 7:30, after having a drink at home.

Wok N Roll offers Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisines, and everything we had was excellent. We had the pleasure of meeting the owners, who were very pleasant and happy to hear we enjoyed ourselves. We both agreed that WNR was worth another visit before we went home.

We walked the 20 minutes back to the Villa. We had passed a new place called Milly’s in a spot that had closed just after we bought the Villa 2 years ago. We decided to stop in for a nightcap. The bartender was very energetic and the creative mind behind some of their cocktails. D stayed with his standard, but I tried one of the bartender’s creations: a gin and tonic made with fresh fruit and black pepper infused gin. It was actually really good.

As for the menu, it looks sort of standard, but I think we might try it to support the new business.

Back home and to bed after a rather long day.