Nothing beats a night’s sleep!  Woke this morning to a beautiful day.  After some great local coffee and Duncan’s fresh baked cheese muffins we just hang out by the pool.  Shortly we head back to buy some lunch meats which we forgot yesterday.  We decide to try a new store, Mega Super.  Duncan feels their meat prices are better than Auto Mercado.

I also had to get stuff to make Ina Garten’s tuna tartare, which meant we had to go to AM any way.  Back to the Villa for sandwiches by the pool.  I started dinner and got the tuna tartare all done, only using half of what we ordered.  Then I made a cold black bean and rice salad for a side.

It was pretty toasty warm so I took a swim then sat by the pool and read.  D meanwhile continued on his new needlepoint piece.  Before you knew it it was 5:00 and time to get showered.  The plan was to have a drink at the Villa then journey over to the Beach Club for a drink.  We decided to stay in for the night instead.  There’ll be plenty of time to go to the LBC.

Our “exciting night” ended with a few games of Angry Birds, then to bed.