Yes. We awoke to yet another stunning day! Saturday here when you’re on vacation just means you get to CONTINUE to relax. We had our breakfast of a freshly baked cinnamon sugar muffin and strong Costa Rican coffee. Then we were off to the weekly Tamarindo Farmer’s Market.

imageNot your typical FM. Just a handful of vendors selling their wares from home grown vegetables to jams and preserves. We bought a bag of what we think are limes (although we’re not sure), a very large mango (to use up the rest of the lovely tuna in a tuna tartare), an even larger beet (the size of a large softball) for a goat cheese and beet salad..We even bought a small package of sliced smoked tuna to enjoy with cocktails.

Back to the Villa (we’re certainly getting a lot of walking in on this trip!) for a quick “dip” and lunch. Afterwards there was a knock on the door and we had the pleasure of meeting one of the other owners Linda and Steve from #9. They are the first we have met, although we’ve spoken to the owners of #7 previously. Very nice folks who come down for a few months each year, but also have homes in The Hamptons and Miami. They were one of the original owners at Villas Cerca del Mar. We agreed to visit their home for a drink later, which we did.

We headed off to a new restaurant, Lilly’s Langosta, and had an imageexcellent dinner (check out my review on Trip Advisor), during which we ran into the owners of #7 and #5 VCDM. So in the course of one day we went from knowing none of the other owners to knowing three. Go figure!

After dinner it was home for a glass of wine. Tomorrow is another day!