It’s Sunday.  A day, yet another, of rest.  We’ve gotten into our routine, a blissful and casual easing into the day. A quick swim and then lunch of grilled burgers and left over rice salad and fresh sliced tomatoes. Such healthy eating…what happens when we get home?

I had looked for our rafts for the pool to float around on today, but none were in the pool house. I wonder if, like the mysterious wine glasses that have evidently emigrated here from #7 from a previous renter’s enthusiasm, our rafts have drifted over there. Since it’s Sunday a lot of the stores in Tamarindo are closed, so a replacement may not be attainable today.

Another package of the fresh sea bass was turned into a ceviche with fresh local limes (called mandarins, due to the flesh resembling that of the orange), jalapeño, cilantro, red onion, and garlic. A dash of hot sauce and it gets to sit overnight for lunch tomorrow.

imageA leisurely afternoon was followed by a shower and a drink. We invited our neighbor from #7 and her daughter down before dinner. As it turns out we were planning on going to the same place – La Palapa, the restaurant we tried to go to earlier. We got a table for four, and when we went to order our FAVORITE dish, the whole fried red snapper, our waiter told us they were out of it. Ugh. We were there a little late, so it may have been partially due to that. Our dinner was good none the less.

Then back tithe Villa, a friendly “good night” and off to sleep.