So it’s starting to become clear that our vacation is nearing then end. My thoughts turn to snow (which Hudson is apparently getting a bit of today) and less of surf. That doesn’t mean, however, that it is over by any stretch of the imagination. The reason for my mood comes from the fact that our new friends from #7 had their flight from Houston to Newark cancelled due to the weather. We told them last night that, since they have renters in their unit they should feel welcome to come back here and stay with us. As predicted it did (flight got cancelled) and they did (came back and are staying with us tonight).

They really weren’t here very long before they headed out for a day at homerightthe beach. So, we hung out and had lunch – leftover ceviche and tuna tartare. I don’t know how but the stuff gets better with time!

We also met today with Richard Mueller, the original architect for the Villas Cerca Del Mar complex, to discuss spending the upstairs front bathroom to make it the master. He’s a very nice guy and should be a pleasure to work with. A lazy afternoon by the pool included some reading and a swim.

We enjoyed dinner tonight with our property management owners Carolyn and Kevin Herman and their great kids Grace and Charlie at Schlomy’s. Really great.

Home for a nightcap before facing our last day.