So this is it. Last day. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was beautiful, cloudless sky, with a healthy dose of wind. Saw our friends from #7 off, after enjoying a delicious egg breakfast made by Galit. Hopefully they will get home without too much of a delay. Lots of snow in New York with temperatures in the single digits!

For lunch we finished up the fresh tuna with some mango and avocado. Got in a little swimming and a nice walk on the beach. Threw in a load of laundry. As we did last time we are going to leave our clothes down here. That was we don’t have bring clothes down the next time we come.

I totally enjoyed my first pair of board shorts and plan on buying a pair or two more on our next trip. Everyone eears them and I can see why. If you come down here you should buy a pair , they’re so comfortable. The good thing about Costa Rica is that nothing is really dressy, so you don’t really ever need to pack a lot.

For dinner we went to Wok N Roll again. Really great food and reasonably priced. The owners Candce and Roman are very friendly and welcoming, too!

Our flight tomorrow isn’t until 2:55, so we can have a leisurely morning before heading off to the airport.