When you own a vacation home in a foreign country it’s hard to remember that not everyone is taking a break from the office.  In fact most folks you see walking around are going about their every day lives – going to work, and going to school.  Nary an umbrella-garnished beverage in sight.

The La Paz Community School in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The La Paz Community School in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Last year we were asked by Carolyn Herman if we would like to donate to the La Paz Community School, which her children were attending.  We obviously weren’t familiar with the School but it seemed like a worthwhile organization.  Upon further research on the School’s curriculum and programs we agreed and made a donation.  The La Paz Community School is an International bi-lingual non-profit organization offering experiential education to grades pre-school through high school to expat and local children.

Shortly after sending in our donation we received a packet of information from La Paz.  Our donation was not simply that, but was also being used to fund a scholarship for a local young man named Gregory Angulo.  A packet of information was sent to us detailing Gregory’s accomplishments in school and on the soccer field.  It seemed to us a great use of the money and it was nice to have a name and a face to go with it.

This year we renewed our commitment this year and today received our update on Gregory’s progress.  Two of his teachers talked about Gary as a student and a member of the La Paz community and what a pleasure it is to have him in both the classroom and on the playing field.  In addition a handwritten letter from his mother (translated by the School) also expressed her pride in Gregory’s contributions to the family and growth as a young man.

Visitor leaving the Liberia airport driving to the Villa pass several areas designated “Escuela” (School) and often times groups of young people in their school uniforms can be spotted walking alongside of the road.  It’s gratifying for us to know that we are help one of these young people even in a small way.  Our hope is that when Gregory grows up he too will be able to support the efforts of someone just like himself.

If you’re interested in making a donation to the La Paz Community School click here.